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My Tuto Best of – UDK Lighting and Post Processing


In this DVD, Dave Prout and Jim Magill go through Lighting and Post Processing in UDK. Together they use over 27 years of combined professional experience to deliver not only great instruction but also many practical applications when putting the final touches on your levels.

Like many of our other DVDs, this video is target for both professionals and those who are just starting to use Unreal Development Kit.

About the Instructors:
Dave Prout co-founded Spark Unlimited which became an award-winning game developer with 120 employees over 5 years. Since then he has been working with UDK to create games and continues making games to this day. Make sure to check out Dave’s regularly updated website

Jim Magill has been working in games not too long after he graduated art college in 1996. Since then he contributed to many popular games such as Theif 3 and Deus Ex 2. Jim has been using Unreal Editor 3 for the last 5 years and is currently working on DCUO at Sony Online.